Transform your conservatory into a room you’ll want to Livin

Are you are after a modern crossover of the conservatory and extension?

Then the LivinRoom Orangery combines the light and sky views of a conservatory with the walls and perimeter ceiling of an extension. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Hence, the LivinRoom Orangery is a year-round, addition to your home.  Additionally it is much quicker to build than a traditional extension.

The showpiece of the LivinRoom Orangery is a glazed roof attached to a steel work ladder system at the eaves and glazing bar positions. This steel work can be plaster-boarded and skimmed to form a perimeter ceiling.  Perfect for downlighters, giving the interior a striking and contemporary feel. As well as being quicker to build than a traditional extension, the LivinRoom Orangery is versatile.

If light and views are a priority, you can opt for floor to ceiling windows all round. Alternatively, for a cosier feel, opt for brick pillars or super insulated Loggia columns.  This makes the interior more similar to a traditional extension.

In fact, the design technology is so versatile that we can even transform an existing conservatory into a modern LivinRoom Orangery. By changing the roof, glazing, adding brick pillars or Loggia columns, your conservatory can be transformed into a stylish living space.  This creates a current and contemporary extension.  This transformation improves the room’s thermal insulation, creating a space for your family to enjoy all year round.

Benefits of a LivinRoom Orangery:

  • A real room/living room feel means more styling and furnishing options.  The perimeter ceiling is a perfect place for down lighters.
  • You can maintain light and space by using windows all round. Or you can add brick piers for a greater solid feel to the room.
  • Enjoy the best of both worlds with the light from a conservatory and the feel of a home extension.
  • Improves thermal efficiency compared to a standard conservatory.
  • Improves the external visual aesthetics by adding the Cornice aluminium gutter shroud.

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