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With more than two decades in the business of fitting windows, doors, roofline and building conservatories and orangeries, the Securahome team has built up a wealth of knowledge.

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In this section you will find advice on Window Energy Ratings, improving the thermal efficiency of your conservatory, replacing windows in conservation areas and an award winning architect’s view on Planning the perfect orangery. The advice on these pages is just a snapshot of the guidance our team can offer you with your home improvement project. If you have a specific question, please visit our Swansea showroom or contact our team on 0800 808 3224.

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Window energy ratings explained

Thermal efficiency has never been more important. Therefore, you need to make sure you get the most of your home improvement investment. In order to this it is essential that you can get to grips with Window Energy Ratings.

Window Energy Ratings (WER) were created to offer reliable, relevant and easy to understand information. They measure the total performance of windows rather than the traditional measure of U-value.

With the Window Energy Ratings, WER system, ‘A+’ is the highest and ‘G’ is the lowest performing window for energy efficiency. To summarise this is similar to the ratings that you find on domestic appliances such as washing machines.

Energy Efficient Windows

To decide on a WER, the British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC) has created a new system. This system checks all the components to ensure the final product reaches the energy efficient standard claimed. This includes:

  • Heat loss through the frame material.
  • Surface coatings on the glass to reflect or trap energy.
  • Air leakage between the moving, opening parts of the window.
  • Solar gain it can expect during the year.

Building regulations currently require all new homes in England and Wales to have windows with a minimum ‘C’ WER rating. At Securahome we fit ‘A’ rated windows as standard. All of our windows are rigorously tested to withstand the European climate. This ensures keeping you warm, safe and comfortable in your home, whatever the weather.

Woodgrain Leaded UPVC Windows

Planning authority advice

Most conservatories do not need building regulations approval, but some do, especially those with solid roof structures.

Building Regulations set the minimum standards for design and construction and are enforced through the building control system by private building control companies or local authority appointed building inspectors. These are supported by technical guidance documents that are also known as approved documents. Building control companies or local authority appointed building inspectors will inspect the project at various stages throughout the construction period to ensure that all the regulations are adhered to.

Large Glass To Floor Conservatory

Once the conservatory is completed, they will issue a certificate of approval to confirm your conservatory has been built in accordance with building control standards. It has been known for individuals or companies to ignore building regulations and not advise their clients to seek building regulation approval, or for individuals to ignore the need to do it, even though it is required by law. This has several dangers:

  • The quality of the build may not be up to the required standard.
  • If your project has not had building control approval, it is likely that your home insurance will be invalid in the event of a fire.
  • When you try to sell your home, the survey on your house will show that no building control approval was given, frequently resulting in the loss of a sale or reduced offer.
  • It is illegal.
Large Glass Fronted Conservatory

Below are some points that indicate a construction may require building regulations approval. If you are unsure than speak to one of Securahome’s consultants.

  • The interior of your project is larger than 30 square metres.
  • Glass makes up less than 50% of the perimeter walls.
  • Less than 75% of the roof is made of glass.
  • You plan to permanently remove the doors dividing your house from the conservatory.
  • The doors dividing your house from the conservatory are not exterior quality doors.
  • The conservatory will not be at ground level.
Stone Finished Orangery with French Doors

Water authority advice

Occasionally when adding a conservatory or orangery the issue comes up about building over a drain. Sometimes it is permissible to build over a manhole or drain. However, this depends upon whether your sewers are adopted by the water authority.

If you are unsure then please contact us. Alternatively, follow one of the useful links below. Please note that while there is one water authority in Wales, in England this may vary from among providers.

Below are links to advice and guidance from Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, along with Thames Water. Both are highly regarded in this field:

Woodgrain on White Orangery

Conservation area

Is your home is located in a conservation area? Do you have a period property or simply prefer the look of traditional windows? Then timber is no longer the only option.

Thanks to advances in design and technology there are now products available on the market for a conservation areas. These products offer the appearance of timber while being low maintenance.

The Heritage Windows range of flush, sash windows are designed with 19th century detailing but made from modern, composite materials.

Oak Envisage Flush Windows

The authentic appearance of this range of windows has been created under the guidance of Article 4 Conservation regulations. This conforms to historical design guidelines.

All-important details such as traditional putty lines, classic ironmongery and butt joints make for a window with classic appeal.

The frame is finished with a special foil that helps create the textured appearance of wood. This is carried through the entire frame to give an authentic-looking timber appearance. In order to maintain the period appearance, it’s important to choose the correct colour and finish.

Envisage Flush Windows - Monkey Tail Handle

The Heritage Windows range comes in a number of classic shades as well as natural finishes including English and Silvered Oak.

It is this which has helped it to win the approval of many local government planning officers. Although it is important to remember that conservation guidelines vary between local authorities. Therefor it is advisable to check for your specific area.

Grey Envisage Flush Windows

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