Installation Focus

All Securahome installers will take care of your property whilst undertaking their work. Find out what will these expert tradespeople will do as they fit your new windows.


Every installation begins with a survey. A Securahome-appointed surveyor will visit your home, check over the design and accurately record the necessary dimensions. Only once these have been verified will we authorise the manufacture of your new window frames.

The surveyor will also check that the structural openings and surroundings are in a good condition. They’ll also ensure that your chosen design and styles are suitable for the planned works.

Installation Focus - Surveying

Care & Attention

Our installers will always take care of your home and valuables. Prior to any work beginning, they will lay down dust sheets and remove any items away from the working area.

Once the work is completed, they’ll tidy up and clear away any mess and leftover debris, leaving your home as good as new!

Securahome - Care & Attention

Fitting & Installation

Your existing frames will be removed, along with any old sealant and debris. Where possible, your old frames will be recycled.

At this point, with the opening cleaned and prepped, your new frames will be carefully secured into place.

Installation Focus - Fitting


Next, your glazed units will be fitted. If any trims are required, these will be measured, cut and installed.

The installation team will thoroughly clean both frames and glass to remove and residue or dust. With that’s done, they’ll add a layer of sealant to securely keep everything in place.

Installation Focus - Glazing

Expert Finish

To complete the installation, the team will give all external surfaces one final clean before placing a fine layer of silicone between the brickwork and window frame to ensure a smart and watertight finish.

Once that is done, you can admire your sparkling new windows – perfectly fitted by the Securahome team.

Securahome - Care & Attention

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Securahome has honed its fitting service over the years, earning a reputation as one of the premier service providers in South Wales. We invite you to visit our Swansea showroom, where you can engage with our expert design teams and experience our exceptional products firsthand.


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