UK Manufacturing

We have partnered with the industry leader to ensure our customers receive the best windows, doors, and living spaces available in South Wales.

Product Innovation

We are constantly innovating and working with our manufacturing partner to ensure that we offer products that are ‘best in class’ for energy efficiency, durability and style.

Thanks to our decades-long relationship, we’re able to offer our home improvement solutions on an exclusive basis. Nobody else can match our range, not for quality, value or innovation.

UK Manufacturing at Securahome

Quality Standards

Conservatory Outlet works to the established ISO 9001:2008 framework to ensure consistent, high-quality standards are met at every stage of the fabrication process. This is supported by the ongoing work of in-house continuous improvements and auditing teams.

These work together to develop innovative ways to enhance manufacturing systems and products, ensuring that quality and performance remain the best in the country.

UK Manufacturing at Securahome
UK Manufacturing at Securahome

Skilled Craftsmen

Traditional craftsmanship is supported by a continual training program to ensure every product is perfect before it leaves the factory.

We also help to develop the next generation of talent by delivering and advising on comprehensive apprenticeship programs.

UK Manufacturing Craftsmen


Alongside investing in its workforce, Conservatory Outlet has invested a seven-figure sum in new machinery and its digital infrastructure.

This has cemented the company as the best in the United Kingdom in delivering a high-quality product with an exceptional finish.

UK Manufacturing Technology
UK Manufacturing Technology

Environmentally Conscious

All manufacturing and installation is done so in an environmentally conscious way. At Securahome, we’re committed to minimising our carbon footprint and expect the same from our partners across the supply chain.

UK Manufacturing Environment

Explore your local Swansea Showroom

Securahome has honed its fitting service over the years, earning a reputation as one of the premier service providers in South Wales. We invite you to visit our Swansea showroom, where you can engage with our expert design teams and experience our exceptional products firsthand.


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