UPVC Roofline Fascias & Soffits

Homeowners are now realising the benefit of installing new UPVC fascias, soffits, gutters and bargeboards.


When to replace Fascias & Soffits?

Once fitted, UPVC roofline products such as fascia boards and soffits need no maintenance, giving them a huge advantage over timber. We often see homeowners make a costly mistake by leaving it too late to install PVC fascias and soffits.

If your timber roofline is in reasonably good shape, you can save money by opting for an over cap which involves fitting a 9mm fascia board on top of the original timbers.

UPVC Roofline

Once the UPVC overlays the wood, the timbers are shielded from the elements. As the board is only over capped on the front and bottom any damp can still dry out through the top and back.

However, if you’ve left it a while and the timbers are rotten, then the only option is a full replacement. This involves removing all of the old fascia boards and soffits and replacing them with UPVC ones that are usually 16-25mm thick.

UPVC Roofline

Replacement is also likely to mean removing the bottom few layers of tiles or slates to fit the boards, as the fascias butt the roof under the eaves.

This is more time consuming and the costs of labour and materials increase. However the advantage of a full installation is that it is thorough and can help uncover any unnoticed rotten batons or roofing felt.

Before carrying out any installation, a Securahome estimator will carry out a full inspection of existing timbers to assess the best option to offer lasting value for you and your home.

UPVC Roofline

High-quality UPVC roofline fascias and soffits...

You will find that the vast majority of properties have fascias, soffits and bargeboards, with a certain number of them still possessing softwood timber cladding. Keeping on top of timber roofline can be an absolute nightmare, with repairs and repainting only being a temporary fix, rather than a permanent answer.

Full Replacement or Cap-Over – Don’t be tempted to try and cover old rotting timber fascias with capping boards as they’re only likely to resurface again after a short period of time. A full replacement with UPVC fascias is a better solution as it will resolve any issues long-term. You don’t want to be left with the embarrassment of rotting wood showing its ugly face again, and potentially putting your fascias at serious threat.

UPVC Roofline Versus Softwood Timber – Water very easily gets into softwood timber, and once it really starts to sink in, the wood can quickly start to rot and come apart. UPVC roofline is different and isn’t at all partial to water damage, nor does it need regular repainting and maintenance. You only need a bit of soapy water and a cloth to clean the roofline and remove any dirtiness, rather than needing to take a paintbrush to it.

UPVC Roofline

UPVC bargeboards are the best alternative to softwood timber...

The UPVC bargeboards you come across at Securahome are completely weather-resistant and they will also keep your roof lining consistent by ensuring that no ugly holes or gaps appear in the roofline. Ditching your softwood timber bargeboards for them will be a decision that pays dividends in the long-term.

If you still have timber bargeboards, you will be only too aware of how easily they rot and how much repainting they need. Neither of these issues will surface with our UPVC bargeboards, and they come in a variety of styles and colours.

UPVC Roofline Bargeboards

We fashion our guttering from a maintenance free UPVC...

Securahome is home to some of the most technologically advanced guttering and downpipes in the home improvement field. They have a beautiful look, but more importantly, they will protect your home from water damage. We supply them both in five different styles and four different colours, and they’re both crafted from UPVC, one of the finest water-resistant materials around.

To keep your guttering free of any debris, ask for Gutter Guard protection to be added to it. The Gutter Guard will stop leaves, twigs, moss and bird’s nests from obstructing the guttering and causing rainwater to overflow. We can also include an insect guard if you’d also like to prevent infestation. It will keep vermin at bay.

UPVC Fascias & Soffits

It might be a simple measure, but brand new cladding can really transform things...

You can buy our UPVC cladding in 5 different colours and 3 different styles with an embossed woodgrain effect, so there’s something for everyone. It’s not overstating things to say that UPVC cladding can totally change the existing look of a house. UPVC cladding is also maintenance-free, robust and weather-resistant, making it the obvious replacement for traditional timber cladding. Superb insulation is also guaranteed.

You won’t have to look after UPVC cladding anywhere near as much as timber cladding. Wiping the cladding down with a wet cloth will be enough to restore the cleanliness of the finish. The affordability of UPVC cladding easily makes it worth the money

UPVC Roofline Cladding

Roofline comes in a surprising selection of colours...

It’s unquestionable whether our fascias, soffits, guttering and cladding will suit your South Wales home as we have all the colours you need to help make it match the style and age of the building. You will receive a 15 year guarantee with all of our white roofline, and our coloured roofline comes with an even longer 20 year guarantee. There are some really interesting colours available, with several you wouldn’t expect to see.

To mix things up and go for a contrasting style, how about picking a white soffit and coloured fascia board?

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