Flat Roofs & Skylights

For those seeking the epitome of contemporary living, a flat roof extension is the ideal choice.


Consider adding skylights or lanterns to flood the space with abundant natural light.

An elegant flat roof will effortlessly rejuvenate the style of your extension, bringing back the sophistication it deserves. When complemented by bi-folding or large sliding doors, your space will be infused with brightness and a sense of spaciousness. For added outdoor comfort, consider incorporating an asymmetrical finish that creates an overhang, allowing you to enjoy your garden or patio even in inclement weather.

Flat Roof Extensions

Tailored to your specifications

Our custom approach ensures that your flat roof is entirely unique, meticulously crafted to suit your specific requirements in terms of shape and finish. With our expertise, you can even opt for bi-folding doors spanning up to an impressive 5.8 metres, without the need for additional support pillars.

With cutting-edge insulating technology, a flat roof extension excels at retaining heat, ensuring that your extension remains cosy and warm throughout the year.

Flat Roof Extensions

Optimal light infusion

When it comes to expanding your home, it’s the finer details that truly matter. A flat roof can incorporate lanterns, skylights, diverse soffits, fascia, and more. These elements come together to create a unique flat roof extension unlike any other, ensuring an abundance of natural light and a distinctive aesthetic.

Flat Roof Extensions

Flat Roof features

Your contemporary flat extension is sure to become a local conversation piece, especially with its striking asymmetrical angles and edges. To add that extra touch of flair, consider incorporating lanterns or flat skylights, which will leave a lasting impression.

For an in-depth exploration of Securahome’s flat roof extension, we invite you to embark on a tour of the hotspots featured opposite.

Flat Roof

Thermally Insulated Glass Frames

With warm frame technology to minimise condensation build-up.

Edge to Edge Glass

For a frameless contemporary look

Solar Control Glazing

Your choice of solar control glazing options to keep your room comfortably warm and energy efficient.

Flat Roof Membrane

For a contemporary style and high performance design.

Decorative Cornice

To add the all-important finishing touch to your roof.

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Precisely crafted pitch

Our expert craftsmanship ensures that the roof is pitched to perfection, allowing the lantern to capture an abundance of natural light and infuse your extension with a vibrant and energised ambiance. We utilise specialised thermal components in the construction of the lantern to enhance energy efficiency, ensuring that your space remains comfortable and sustainable.

Flat Roof Extensions

Seamless frameless Skylights

Experience edge-to-edge glazing with our frameless skylights, creating a magnificent feature window for your living space. These skylights come with a slim aluminium surround, a fully insulated housing section featuring Warm Frame technology, and, as a standard feature, noise-reducing glass.

Flat Roof Extensions

Explore your local Swansea Showroom

Securahome has honed its fitting service over the years, earning a reputation as one of the premier service providers in South Wales. We invite you to visit our Swansea showroom, where you can engage with our expert design teams and experience our exceptional products firsthand.