UPVC Doors

Discover the necessity of energy efficient front and back UPVC Doors at Securahome.


UPVC has rapidly emerged as the top choice for door materials since its introduction. Known for its strength, durability, and minimal maintenance requirements, UPVC doors continue to be a preferred option among Welsh homeowners. They never fade, rot, or demand repainting, ensuring that your UPVC doors retain their brand-new appearance for many years.

White UPVC Door

Doors fulfill numerous essential roles, but none are as vital as safeguarding your home’s security. A robust and well-designed UPVC door will provide lasting security and grant you invaluable peace of mind for years to come. Consult our experts to learn more about our UPVC door range and the myriad benefits they offer.

UPVC Doors
UPVC Doors

Extreme UPVC Doors

Extreme UPVC doors are among the most robust options currently available in the UK. However, if you require even greater security, we offer the option to incorporate additional security features.

If this is your first encounter with a UPVC door, explore the hotspots for more detailed information about the product.

UPVC Doors

UPVC Panel Glass

Available with a wide range of glazing styles, including obscure and decorative glass.

UPVC Panel Hinges

Anti-crowbar technology that delivers ultimate strength. Horizontal and vertical adjustment that results in 360-degree compression on seals for weather tightness.

UPVC Panel Security

Featuring our robust shootbolt locking system, you can rest assured your UPVC Panel Doors will keep you home and family protected from the threat of break-ins.

UPVC Panel hardware

Our UPVC Panel Doors come with a range of hardware including letterboxes, knockers and handles in a variety of colours to suit your home, they’re built to last with robust materials and quality finishes.

An Extreme UPVC door offers more than just aesthetic appeal...

At Securahome, we've made significant investments in cutting-edge technology to create our Extreme UPVC doors, and the accompanying components are equally unparalleled in quality.

Whether installed in your front entrance or at the rear of your home, an Extreme UPVC door will alleviate security concerns, providing you with a greater sense of safety within your living space. Additionally, you can expect a noticeable improvement in the temperature and comfort of your hallway and the entire house.

UPVC Front Door
UPVC Front Blue Door
Entrance Porch

Create a striking entrance to your home

When investing in a new door, the two primary objectives should be enhancing security and aesthetics. Rest assured, our Extreme UPVC doors excel at fulfilling both of these essential purposes.

A spectrum of colours, inside and out...

Our UPVC front and back door panels are available in Golden Oak, Rosewood, and White, and you can opt for matching frames to complete the look. Remove the panels, and you unlock a world of additional colour options. You can also infuse colour into the door by incorporating textured or patterned glass, and our hardware solutions offer a vibrant array of choices. It's worth taking your time to select the perfect colour that seamlessly integrates your door with its surroundings.

Elevate your door's aesthetic with an elegant handle...

While the door's colour is undoubtedly significant, the handle adorning your Extreme UPVC door plays an equally crucial role. That's precisely why we've strived to offer a wide variety of handles.

Our selection includes handles of diverse shapes, styles, and sizes, all of which add a touch of sophistication and beauty to your door.

Our hardware collection elevates your UPVC door to extraordinary heights...

We understand the importance of durability and longevity when it comes to the handles, letterbox, and number plate affixed to your new UPVC door. We have unwavering confidence in their resilience, born from the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail invested in the creation of each hardware component. Furthermore, our hardware items are available in a variety of finishes, ensuring you'll discover plenty of options that perfectly complement the door's style.

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