Extreme UPVC Windows

Securahome’s Extreme UPVC windows come in a variety of styles, finishes and colours…


Extreme UPVC windows are highly regarded by homeowners in South Wales and a popular replacement design for traditional wooden window frames. The benefits of an Extreme window are incredibly extensive and diverse, and you couldn’t wish for a more reliable substitute for your existing window designs. Their biggest strength is ironically, their strength, so they can combat the indifferent weather that South Wales is so often subjected to.

Extreme UPVC Windows

Rotting, rusting, fading etc., doesn’t afflict Extreme UPVC windows and they’re so low maintenance that repainting isn’t necessary. When the window frame gets dirty, all you need is a soft cloth and warm water to wipe it clean.

Extreme windows have a dedicated colour palette, with a varied choice of attractive finishes, and they can be provided in almost any window style.

Grey Extreme UPVC Windows
Extreme UPVC Windows

Our popular UPVC Windows

Need or want a particular window style? The UPVC Extreme window is adaptable enough to be sculpted into a bay and bow window, casement window, tilt and turn window, sliding sash window, and other popular styles.

Cream UPVC Cottage Windows

Casement Windows

A casement window covers all bases, offering the perfect amalgamation of practicality and stylishness in a gloriously simple design.

UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt & Turn Windows

For the widest window opening of the lot, the versatility of a tilt and turn window is the style to choose and can be counted on for fabulous ventilation.

UPVC Sash Windows

Sliding Sash Windows

If you were to summarise the main attributes of a sliding sash window, the words ‘resilient’ and ‘functional’ immediately come to mind.


Do your windows have EXTREME protection?

Securahome has its eyes firmly on the ball when it comes to security as we want our windows to make our customers feel safe in their homes. The name we’ve given to our window collection is ‘EXTREME’, a title that perfectly sums up a window range that’s 3 times more secure than standard windows.

  • EXTREME enhanced security with centre VAULTBOLT and multi cam locking technology.
  • EXTREME enhanced durability with UNIQUE superglide gearbox ensures smooth operation.
  • EXTREME enhanced COMPRESSION and acoustics with interlocking hinge bolts and optimum weatherseals.

Herculean Hinge

Heavy duty, highly engineered hinges that provide increased load bearing. With anti-crowbar technology and sustained use for a lifetime.

Extreme Locking

Up to 9-point locking system and two high compression hinge bolts to create 360-degree solidity. Also available with enhanced security option designed to meet the requirements of the police-recognised Secured by Design initiative.

Extreme Frame

Highly engineered frames, that encompass 14 chambers (combined sash and frame) to provide supreme thermal performance. Maximum protection against twist and ageing so your windows will look and operate like new for longer.

Extreme Weather Seal

Dual density and high elasticity for twice the standard coverage. Long lasting airtight protection from the elements and added noise reduction.

Ultimate Glass

High performance next generation glass for superb energy efficiency. Ultra-clear outer pane and a super soft coat inner pane. Improved clarity for the perfect view.

Extreme Handles

Our Extreme Handles come in a range of colours to suit your home. Built to last with robust materials and quality finishes.

A+ energy rated windows come as standard...

Did you know that your old windows could be responsible for around 25% of the heat lost from your property? Any EXTREME windows bought from Securahome Window carry an A+ energy rated as standard. This exceeds the thermal qualities of most replacement windows in the region. Our A+ energy rated windows are also great for solar control and will keep the internal temperature just right.

White UPVC Windows
Oak Envisage Flush Windows
White UPVC Windows

Personalise your UPVC windows

Selecting a window style is just the very beginning of the buying process. From there, you need to choose a coloured finish, some hardware, and a form of glass.

Decorative glass styles with privacy at their heart…

Glass is one of the most fundamental elements of any window design and must not be underestimated. Without a reliable glass pane, a window will struggle to perform to the level that it should. All the glazing options we have at Securahome promise a captivating view and can be discussed individually with one of our knowledgeable advisors who really know their stuff.

Intricately crafted handles…

You simply must come along to our showroom and touch the many versions of traditional and modern-styled handles that we have. Only by feeling them can you appreciate the skill involved in crafting them.

As it engages, the locking system inside our handles has a big role in keeping them so secure.

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