How to create a conservatory for your Bridgend home

When your home feels like it needs more light and space, a conservatory is a great solution.

For practical and aesthetic reasons, UPVC conservatories are popular for homes across the Bridgend and south Wales areas.

The reasons are simple: UPVC conservatories are quick to erect, low maintenance and, thanks to advances in technology, have better thermal properties than ever before.

However, there’s a lot to consider when choosing a new UPVC conservatory for your Bridgend home:

Temperature: One of the most common complaints about older style conservatories is controlling the ambient temperature. In a time when many of us are concerned with our carbon footprint, ensuring good thermal properties for every room in the house is often a priority.

If you are building a brand new UPVC conservatory then it makes sense to ensure it’s as thermally efficient as possible to future-proof your investment.

At Securahome we fit A+ rated UPVC windows as standard, but there’s more to thermal efficiency than glazing.

We offer a range of solid conservatory roofs that offer the same thermal efficiency as a traditionally constructed roof. These can vary from a traditionally styled tiled conservatory roof that would suit a classic Bridgend home, through to a modern Livinroof that offers great versatility.

Glazed roofs are wonderful for letting in light and sky views, the good news is that these too are far more thermally efficient than ever before. While Securahome glazed conservatory roofs are A rated as standard, if you opt for solar control, it’s possible to exclude up to 83% of the sun’s energy. To keep the roof looking sparkling all year round, there is the option of self-cleaning glass.

With Loggia columns your brand new Bridgend conservatory will have highly insulated walls. These innovative panels can even include built-in heaters that blend seamlessly with the room and remove the need for unsightly radiators.

The options for doors on a modern UPVC conservatory are greater than ever. Bi-folding or patio doors can really alter the appearance of a conservatory inside and out, as well as offering uninterrupted views out to the garden.

Interior: When planning your new UPVC conservatory, how you are going to use the room is a big consideration.

Whether you want a flat screen TV on the wall or a bright area for dining all year round, the design will be important to helping you love your new room.

The doors, windows and style of roof will have a significant impact on your Bridgend conservatory. A solid roof, for instance, will mean a plastered ceiling, with the option to include down-lighters, while a glazed roof will bring year-round daylight to your home.

Similarly, bi-folding or patio doors can really alter the appearance of a conservatory inside and out, as well as offering uninterrupted views out to the garden.

Exterior: Conservatories need to be able to withstand the elements as well as look good inside and out, making UPVC a very practical choice for windows and doors.

Not only does UPVC need minimal maintenance, it also comes in a plethora of colour and style options, from traditional white through to warm timber-alternative finishes such as Irish Oak and foiled colours that give the appearance of painted timber.

If you are having dwarf walls, at Securahome we can match these to your existing Bridgend home, while a solid roof can coordinate with the existing architecture of your home.

For more information on the different styles of conservatories available go to our Living Space pages. If you have a design in mind or need advice on what would suit your home, give our design team a call on 0800 808 3224 or drop into our Swansea showroom to discuss the various options available.

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