Choose Heritage windows for a classic design with modern benefits

In 1994, windows tended to be white UPVC. Some were under the optionon what was gained in low-maintenance was lost in aesthetic appeal.

Well, times have moved on and we can now offer windows in strong, engineered timber, aluminium or UPVC.  The Heritage range is becoming increasingly popular, ideal for those who want the best of both worlds. This range is perfect for those with a period home or conversion.  Especially if you want windows with a traditional look. Heritage windows offer excellent thermal efficiency and low maintenance. They are made with an exacting eye for detail.  This follows the key principles, shapes and dimensions of classic joinery. In fact, the range adheres so strongly to traditional joinery that windows can in some area be installed in line with Article 4 conservation regulations.  This is because it conforms to historical design guidelines (this varies between local authorities, so always check with your conservation office). As well as looking good, the Heritage range is created using cutting edge technology hence, making them A+ rated for thermal efficiency. Belying their traditional charm, the Heritage range of windows are also designed with stringent security and acoustic measures to reduce noise. As you would expect from a UPVC window, the Heritage range doesn’t warp, swell or flake, and there no need for re-sanding or re-painting. It really is the best of both worlds.

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