How did you rate Securahome?

By Tony Crutcher

Earlier this year Securahome contracted me to carry out some customer research.

While the company regularly carries out independent customer surveys, the directors wanted something in-depth to help them see all aspects of the business through the eyes of the people who matter most – their customers.

In total 2,700 past customers received surveys asking them to rate the company on a wide range of topics from punctuality and reliability through to technical knowledge and community investment.

With an over-all approval rating of 82 per cent, it’s fair to say that the results were positive.

Most impressive was the fact that Securahome’s number one attribute in the their customers’ opinions was an ability finish projects on time.

In an industry where issues such as inclement weather, planning application hold-ups and water authority permissions can cause unavoidable delays, this is a strong result and testament to the company’s experience and logistical expertise.

Quality of work, the showroom and the technical knowledge of staff were rated highly by customers, achieving average scores of six out of seven.

In line with its 22 years in business, the company’s stability and trustworthiness also achieved impressive scores.

Over-all, Securahome had an 82 per cent approval rating, with more than half of respondents rating it at 90 per cent or higher.

There were areas that could be further improved, for example the way the company communicates about its community investment work, and all of the results have been passed to Securahome’s directors for review.

As an independent contractor to the fenestration industry, I can say that Securahome’s performance rating, in the opinion of its customers, is remarkably high. These results are a credit to both staff and the leadership of the business.

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